Chris Ianuzzi Embraces Literal Insanity on “March of Madness”

With his latest music video for “March of Madness” from his new album Maze, may have actually gone crazy. It feel like the work of a literal madman, both visually and aurally. Yet, if one were to have been following his work for the past several years, it would be clear that its simply Chris being Chris. With an experimental side that dwarves all other sides of his music personality, aside from maybe the actual musicianship and skill itself, this track and unique AI video from Ethem Serkan Sokmen and Ilke Kose both feel like logical steps in the music output of one Mr. Ianuzzi.

The album, described as “a wild ride for electronic/IDM, industrial, and post-punk enthusiasts” dropped earlier this month and comes highly recommended for fans of Trent Reznor’s post NIN work, later era Gary Numan, the solo work of the great John Carpenter, and other modern avant-garde musicians like Flying Lotus. While some raucous and bizarre songs like “March of Madness” are sure to catch your attention, melodic EDM and industrial influenced electronic songs are equally present, giving the album a unique flair that is sure to be perfect for a variety of music fans.

If Captain Beefheart went electronic, teamed up with some goth kids and aging punks, and then locked themselves in the studio for a month, I imagine you’d bet something kinda like what we get here. And, with that we present to you the music video for Ianuzzi’s truly singular new single, “March of Madness”:

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