SoundBytes: Mark Wise Brings Forth “The Fire Within”

Dirty Jerz represent! An artist who hails from the great state where I spent the formative years of my life is always one I’m interested in checking out. Mix in the mention of KMFDM comparisons, the term “heavy metal techno” used to describe the band, and a dude with an AC/DC shirt as the face of an electronic act and I’m about as intrigued as anyone could be.

This is Mark Wise and his latest single “The Fire Within”.

On first listen, the thing that really jumped out – besides the fact that I really loved the track – was how much it reminded me of one of my favorite remixes of a metal or hard rock track I’ve ever heard, the CCN remix of Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades”. Like the electronic mix of the classic tune from Lemmy & Co, Mark’s “The Fire Within” blends the fury of metal with the classic danceability and driving beats of the 90s techno I grew up with. Before the world seemingly agreed to throw out the word “techno” and call it all “EDM”, there was a distinct sound and flavor of electronic music that Gen-X and elder Millennials grew up on. Both the “Ace of Spades” CCN remix and this single exemplify a perfect blending of that brand of electronic music with metal’s guitars, vocals, and sensibilities.

Fans of that landmark remix, soaring metallic guitars, the dancier side of industrial music, and music that feels willing to bend genres and break formulas will find a track here – several, actually, if you count the additional mixes and remix of “The Fire Within” included on the release – that’s sure to really satisfy a craving they may not even know they had.

Check out the single on Spotify and more from Mark Wise here.

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