K4LT Explains That You Don’t Flee from the “LCPD”

You know what sometimes sucks more than a messy breakup? An amicable one. Sometimes it’s harder to move on when you just can’t make it work despite both sides genuinely caring and trying. When a relationship explodes, it’s easy to see what went wrong, but an amicable split can sometimes leave so many questions, unresolved issues, and long wonderings of why things couldn’t have just worked out.

In K4LT’s latest track, “LCPD”, the avant-garde multi-instrumentalist and singer crafts a loopy, droning, longing contemplativeness that plays like Thom Yorke’s more catchy experimental music. Certainly not as catchy as the poppier days of Radiohead, but not as inaccessible as some of his weirder work, K4LT’s sound on “LCPD” feels like that beautiful in-between when Yorke struck melancholy gold.

In the years since K4LT’s last release, he has gone through loss and introspection, further toning his sound down from the already toned down verison of his previous “desktop doom” sound of Endgame. The result is something downtempo, unique, and beautiful – somewhere between ambient, trip-hop, and downtempo darkwave. His best song to date, with more on the way.

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