Bear Witness to the “Emergence” of Auroara

Pop music often likes to try to boast that there’s something deeper and more, but these claims tend to feel fake or contrived more often than not. However, in the case of Auroara, I can assure you the depth of this alternative pop artist is real. Connecting to her experiences, her heritage and family history, her desire to transform herself, and her desire to transform the world, Auroara is anything but your standard pop princess.

On her new track, “Emergence”, the Canadian singer-songwriter hits with a beautiful pop track that blends alternative and folk sensibilities into a catchy pop and R&B package. Of the song’s lyrical content and emotionality, she notes:

I was so hurt by life, by grief, by betrayal, by abuses, by disappointment… like waves knocking me over and over. I just had to figure out a different way to be, or I would drown. I had to sing and transform it.

And transformative is the right word for “Emergence”, as Auroara emerges from her past, overcomes her scars, and transforms it all into a beautiful new beginning.

You can also check the track out now on Spotify by clicking here.

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