NMM SoundBytes: LokkisKott Takes Us “Deep Inside” His Unique Alternative Sound

LokkisKott, the New South Wales Australia singer-songwriter isn’t what you typically expect when you hear the term “singer-songwriter”. A term oft attached to Americana, folk, or even pop songwriters, it’s not as common to see the term associated with an artist more likely to be embraced by fans of Linkin Park or Slipknot than fans of James Taylor or Ben Folds. Yet, this is exactly what we get here with LokkisKott, a singer-songwriter fueled by metal, hard rock, and alternative music.

With a melodic blend of aggressive and clean vocals, comparisons to the dual vocals of mainstream artists like the aforementioned Linkin Park – Bennington and Shinoda (minus the rap) – or indie acts like now defunct NJ hardcore meets emo meets folk act Full Surrender feel very appropriate. Of course, in this case, all of the vocals are performed and recorded by Lachie Alford himself – aka LokkisKott.

The musical backdrop deserves comparison to bands like Linkin Park, as well, albeit with a beautiful simplicity that creates a catchy and pleasant experience. In fact, there are few experiences as pleasant as LokkisKott’s “Deep Inside” when it comes to being yelled at.

The track is available now on Spotify and it’s a fantastic way to start your day!

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