An Anti-War Song on Independence Day: Bill Greenberg’s UKRAINE

On this “Rah Rah America” day, I personally struggle each year with the hubbub and braggadocio. I often try to focus on other parts of the world through this day, as well as the plight of those that this country has let down. Perhaps that’s a bad way to “celebrate” to some, but I’m not one for too much nationalistic pride, especially in our post-Trump/post-pandemic version of America.

Around the world, there are many people suffering – some directly caused by the actions of America, in fact. And while this song is more about the actions of another nation, it’s relatable to how the United States can use its status and size to bully smaller nations. In this instance, it’s the Russian war on the Ukraine.

Singer-songwriter Bill Greenberg’s latest track is about the Ukranian situation…

“Ukraine” envisions a Ukrainian soldier withstanding Putin’s so-called “special military operation” repelling the destruction of their country and their homes—no matter what the cost to themselves or to their families.

The contemplative folk track exists in stark opposition to the big, bombastic nationalistic fervor of the American July 4th celebrations happening all around me today. Lyrically, the song is deep and somber, presenting a lot to this about on a day where our big nation who has bullied around a lot of smaller nations is celebrating its birth. In fact, fighting against an oppressor is what we’re actually celebrating today, which gives something like this song even more meaning today.

Check out the video (with English subtitles) below. There are links to other versions of the video below the embedded video, as well.

You can also check out the video with subtitles in Polish, Ukranian, German, and Russian.

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