SoundBytes: Todd Kowaluk Tells the Haters That “Enough is Enough”

On Friday, we highlighted this weekend’s whimsical anthem, the floating, flying, soaring vibes of Wes McClintock’s “Sky”. Today, however, it’s time to say “Enough is Enough”. Don’t get us wrong, there’s never enough of Wes’s great Open Dream and we encourage you to keep rocking that album… but when we stop an pause and look at the world around us, there’s a ton of bullshit going on everywhere. While we’ll always advocate for love and progress here on The Farsighted, it’s impossible not to notice that there are tons of others out there who don’t share our sentiments. Perhaps it’s worse out there than ever before or perhaps it’s just more visible, but there are people everywhere that seem to be more interested in tearing others down, whether in the name of their “god” or in the name of “freedom”. To that, say “enough is enough”!

Todd Kowaluk’s latest single “Enough is Enough” is a perfect song on the heels of a nice, magical flight away from reality, as we return to a world that is clearly hurting. Love needs to win, we need to be sure it does… no more hate and bullshit, we have to fight. “Enough is Enough” sucks us in through infectious hooks and an impossibly catchy chorus… then, it uses that to remind us that what we do matters and what we consume in the media isn’t always true. It’s far from a traditional song in its structure or its message, floating around from chorus to verse to bridge and all over the place while also floating around in its explanations of what exactly is “enough”. Yet, it packs a serious punch, both with its Paul Westerberg-esque pop and the message the listener takes away.

As we approach a new week, refocusing from the weekend, we should ask ourselves when “enough is enough”.

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