Meditate on This: The Muse Frequency Hits the Right Notes

A book of poetry, a sound designer, an experiment in meditative art… The Muse Frequency is different from anything I’ve listened to or consumed in any way this year… perhaps ever. Diary of an Artist in Love takes the diary of Anais Nin and transform the thoughtful words on love and life to an aurul experience that is calming and meditative. One may classify the album as new age or poetry, but it’s something more – something different. Part audiobook, part album, all poetic and whimsical – he Muse Frequency’s latest output is nothing short of a singular work of peace and contemplation.

It’s hard to describe the experience better than the artist themselves, so I present to you the words they share on their website about the release:

Diary of an Artist in Love is an intimate new audiobook of prose poetry best listened to with headphones on and eyes closed. The Muse Frequency presents listeners with a calming and ethereal meditation on love. Throughout this profoundly serene and uplifting experience, the artist and sound designer gently coax us into a meditative state by communicating in the most direct possible way through a sacred one-on-one conversation.

Thew word “ethereal” is a perfect choice to describe Diary of an Artist in Love, as are “serene” and “uplifting”. The serenity of the experience is undeniable. Diary certainly does lull or “coax” you into meditative state, whether that was your initial intent when pressing play or not.

They continue:

Originally inspired by the work of diarist Anaïs Nin, The Muse Frequency aims to design an audio experience that feels confessional and personal. At the heart of it all, this wholly unique project creates intimate experiences meant for one listener, where they can close their eyes, shut out the rest of the world and drift off to beautiful places.

The soundscapes of Sébastien Nouat on Diary are beautiful, often somewhat sparse, and seem to always enhance the meditative poetry at the forefront, rather than detract. The experience is one that is hard to describe, so we certainly recommend you check it out for yourself, below.

Stream the album directly on Spotify here. And, for a small snapshot on the life and work of the muse of The Muse Frequency’s Diary of an Artist in Love, a fantstic short documentary released last year on her is linked below.

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