Hitting Shudder and AMC+ on Monday, Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor is the 4th installment of horror auteur Stephen Cognetti’s stellar found footage/faux doc franchise. Detouring in location from the storied Abaddon Hotel, the new film sees our latest victims… I mean, protagonists… Margot and Rebecca, as well as Margot’s brother Chase, staying in a “haunted” manor. At first, it feels like a fresh new story – but the new story gets some familiar seasoning when we begin to learn of the connections between the manor and the hotel.

Creepy clowns are just the tip of the iceberg, as the story of the manor comes to light. The well crafted jumps and scares are paired with some deep and startling revelations that fans of the film series will greatly appreciate. While this film can work as a stand alone, it’s most certainly best when watched after the original trilogy, recontextualizing aspects of the trilogy while never retconning anything in defeating or ruinous ways. Speaking as a found footage devotee and immense fan of the Hell House LLC films, hardcore fans will genuinely appreciate the continued mythos development and world building.

Streaming Monday exclusively for AMC+ and Shudder subscribers, Carmichael Manor is a must see addition to POV horror fans’ watchlists and should find its way onto a lot of horror-centric “Best of” lists in the coming months!

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