Trapped Forever or Will THE WOMAN IN THE MAZE Find Her Way?

Mitesh Patel, director of Instant Karma, takes his turn at the supernatural thriller subgenre and the result is a maze of twists, turns, and some legitimate scares. Call it a thriller, call it a horror, call it whatever you will… but be sure to call it one of your priority watches if you enjoy indie thrillers with unique stories, new faces, and fun surprises.

Patel decided to take on this famous ghost town in his new story to do it some legitimate “justice” in the film world…

I wanted to do the famous ghost town of Jerome, Arizona justice by making a scary thriller in the vein of The Shining, and I think the film will scare audiences in ways they both might expect and find surprising.

What begins as a pretty standard dramatic story of two people starting to fall for each other unravels into a far different story, highlight the haunted town that Patel sets the film in. With a strong lead in Meredith VanCuyk’s Gabby, great cinematography, and a compelling story, Woman in the Maze was quite a pleasant surprise for this particular horror nerd and I’ll be many of you will find it worth a watch or two yourselves.

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