Sines Brings an Upbeat Blast of Fun in the Form of “Supernova”

For followers and fans of this site, you’ll recognize Sines, who we’ve been fans of for a bit now. However, Sines has gotten a bit of facelift. In the past it was the project of DJ and producer Jason Wann both as a solo venture and sometimes employing some great guests. Now, Jason has a tag team partner in the amazing singer/songwriter/visual artist/filmmaker Kitty Richardson. In this new and improved rendition of Sines, we have a true dynamic duo consisting two extremely versatile artists.

On their first album as a pair, Gravity, Sines has already released two full music videos and several other lyric videos. One of the music videos – my personal favorite – is for the upbeat dance track “Supernova”. Richardson’s pleasant vocals and unique look take center stage for the video, with one of Wann’s always catchy and well developed musical backdrops giving her the palette for a bright performance – both visually and musically.

Stream the whole album now at Spotify or find more from the duo on your favorite services by clicking here.

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