Geoff Gibbons Waxes Nostalgic on “Morgantown”

It’s been a few years since we covered anything from Canadian troubadour Geoff Gibbons, but we echo today what we said back then. There’s good reason that Gibbons is a well-respected veteran of the music scene. Crafting catchy Americana influenced folk rock with infectious pop hooks comes naturally for the accomplished musical storyteller. With his latest single, “Morgantown”, he continues that trend.

“Morgantown” is a rootsy pop rock track that fans of other such musical storytellers like Tom Petty or Ryan Adams are sure to lap up. Garnering comparisons to Jackson Browne, Neil Young, and David Crosby – among others – doesn’t happen to just any old Joe (or Geoff, as it were). His devoted fans have stuck with him and continue to eagerly await each new track and album. He may not be reinventing the wheel, but he sure knows the right way to drive it.

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