Check Out The Farsighted Network’s Newest Podcast: MISSPENT MATINEE with Blaine and Kris

[Editor’s Note: Pssst, this is Justin aka thepaintedman, the founder of The Farsighted and The Farsighted Network. Welcome to our new podcast. It features my Grindhouse Messiah cohost, his ex-wife, and her new husband. Weird? Yeah, probably. But it’s 2017 and this is just what family looks like sometimes. And, here, we’re a family too… and happy to welcome our newest child. It’s a pretty great addition and we know you’ll love it.]

Hey everyone! This is Robin, the producer. I’m Blaine’s ex-wife and if you enjoy listening to him on Grindhouse Messiah, wait until you hear my new husband, Kris. These two team up to talk new and classic films that they share a love for. Each week they will cover a film, as well as a related top 5 list. These two babble, argue and bond as I try my best to keep them on topic. This episode we get our introductions out of the way and discuss our top 10 films of all time.

Welcome to the first episode of Misspent Matinee with Blaine and Kris!

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