GM Talks God and the Devil with UNEARTHED’s Stephen Biro: THE EXORCIST, EVIL DEAD, and Going to the Other Side

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You may know that Stephen Biro is a director and producer. You may know that he runs the most notorious and extreme horror film distribution company in the world. But, did you know that he’s met God… and the Devil… a host of anti-Christs… and more? On this cornerstone episode of the podcast, we explore the relationship of faith and film in an intimate and interesting way by delving into The Exorcist and Evil Dead with Stephen, all the while learning of his crazy experiences with the spiritual realm.

How can a professed Christian run a label that releases the goriest shit out there, including films that some used to believe were actually snuff films? How can one direct films that could never begin to even apply for an MPAA rating due to violence and graphic imagery while claiming to love Jesus? Stephen explains it all, as well as why his upcoming installment of the American Guinea Pig is necessary viewing for anyone interested in exorcism, faith, or Catholic ritual.

This is one of the best chats Justin and Blaine have had yet and we can’t wait for you all to hear it. Stephen is sure to be returning to talk more sleaze, gore, and God, but for now, don’t miss this episode.

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