Episode 21: That Gay Question

In this episode, Justin talks to Kent Williamson, a filmmaker whose latest film, Stained Glass Rainbows asks the question, “How do Christians love their gay neighbor?”


The episode features music from Altar Boys, Dead Artist Syndrome, and King’s X, as well as the theme from Rockie Garibay. Of course, as per usual, Justin mumbles, stutters, and rambles his way through, even forgetting the order he said he was gonna play stuff in.

No worry, it’s a great episode… mostly because of the interesting discussion… and also because Justin pays tribute to the Hot Rod. RIP Roddy, we miss you already. If you check up on the title bar of the page, you’ll see that Hot Rod and Dusty are watching over us like our own personal guardian angels… and we couldn’t ask for a better set of protectors.


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