Grindhouse Messiah’s Five Movies from 2017 that Really Stuck With Us

This week Blaine and Justin kick off 2018 by celebrating 2017. We each pick a few of our favorite Vinegar Syndrome releases of 2017, both as a thank you to our sponsors and a thank you as fans.

After a few great Vinegar Syndrome releases, we go into 5 films that affected both of us this year: We are the Flesh, mother!, Super Dark Times, AGP: Song of Solomon, and Kuso. While wildly different in tone, all of these films hit both of us hard and stuck with us, even if not our favorites of the year. We wrap the episode with some recommendations, as per usual.

Next week, we’ll be back with indie horror actor and filmmaker Graham Skipper with a deep conversation on Videodrome, Altered States, and his upcoming horror film, Sequence Break.

The music on the episode is from the soundtracks to Kuso and one of Justin’s favorites of the year, The Lure.

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