The Misspent Matinee Halloween Extravaganza – Stephen King’s IT (31 Days, Day 31)

Dr. Robin here!

Welcome to Episode 4 of Misspent Matinee with Blaine And Kris!

We took a short break so I could give birth to our 3rd child, but we are back just in time for the spookiest season of them all. It’s finally Halloween!

The guys wanted to be timely, so they decided to cover the newest iteration of Stephen king’s It. The two journeyed to a cinema a few weeks back and return to discuss the film in depth. This episode you will get another mini review of Happy Death Day from Mac and the guys top 5 Stephen King adaptations.

Thank you all for the continued support and have a Happy Halloween!

[PS. Editor’s Note: Kris and Robin will be getting full profiles over at the site really soon, once I have time to get working on some site maintenance in the next week. Once that’s the case, I urge every one of our readers and listeners to hassle them to join the writing team, because smart people who write well are always great additions to the staff!]

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