Is Mr. Brooks Even a Horror Movie?

SPOILER ALERT: Justin spoils the climactic scene in Gone Girl In the 18:00 range.

Mr. Brooks

In this week’s episode, former Reddit Horror Club host and current host of both Horror Movie Night and The Saint Mort Show, Matt Kelly, joins Anastasia and Justin to discuss the 2007 thriller, Mr. Brooks. While not really a horror film, it’s got some decent gore and a scene towards the end that is pretty terrifying. This thriller has a mixed review from the hosts, listen in to find out what they do and don’t love about this Kevin Costner/Dane Cook mashup.

Matt spent a few minutes talking about the kickstarter campaign for Jennifer Help Us Too, the sequel to Jennifer Help Us. You can watch the first film for free on their site or if you’re reading this on the website, it’s embedded below.


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And once you’re done here, go listen to Matt talk about Pumpkinhead on HMN!

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