Talking PUFF and Women in Horror with Madeleine Koestner: IMITATION GIRL and DEAD BODY

The lovely Madeleine Koestner, founder of PUFF, caught up with us late last month to celebrate Women in Horror Month with a few female directed films that played the festival.

Dead Body, now on Amazon Prime and Shudder, is a fun slasher film with a unique twist. Imitation Girl, picked up with Epic Pictures imprint Dread Central presents, is a contemplative and beautifully weird drama with a science fiction conceit. We discuss both, among a bunch of other fun stuff.

Make sure to listen to this one all the way through because Madeleine is a delightful guest, who is far cooler and better looking that either of your favorite chubby cohosts.

You can find Madeleine all over the Interwebs, but why not start with her Twitter and her writing on Macaulay Culkin’s new lifestyl blog.

You can find us all of the usual spots, Twitter being the easiest I think. Justin is too in a hurry and/or too lazy to post the rest of the spot, so yeah go there. See you next with with Mohawk‘s Ted Geoghegan and Marcus Koch!

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