The Farchive, Episode 1: NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD’s Daniel Tucker

Welcome to The Farchive, on the former feed of the original flagship podcast of The Farsighted. The rebranded pod features raw and (mostly) unedited interviews, both new and not-so-new. Many will be Justin, aka thepaintedman (founder of The Farsighted), while others will be interviews conducted by other staff or friends of The Farsighted. We created this show to share the great interviews that didn’t fit the format of other shows on the network, feeling the content was too important or interesting not to share. While some theme music and a new logo may be coming in the near future, don’t expect many bells and whistles. This podcast is just about the interviews. With that… we welcome you to THE FARCHIVE!

New thriller Nothing But the Blood tackles religious hypocrisy and abuse, while asking us just what lengths we would go to to expose truth or even get revenge against those who have wronged us. Director Daniel Tucker was kind enough to indulge Justin, whose interest in the intersections of faith an art inspired this very website and podcast network, in discussing his faith background, his fears, and what the film is all about. You can read Justin’s review of the film over at Cinapse and/or watch it on Amazon (trailer below).

The two renditions of “Nothing But the Blood” leading into and out of the interview are from Reawaken Hymns and Stryper.

Without further ado, here’s Daniel…

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