Uncle Eddy’s Mixtapes: Volume 23 – Happy Birthday, Friend

January of 2014, a member/friend of a Facebook group I’m in proposed that the group submit digital Mixtapes for his birthday. Being the mix-taping king that I’ve considered myself, I of course had to participate. The result was a bunch of great mixes that covered a vast territory of musical adventure among newly formed friendships that we’re just getting to know each others’ tastes.

You may recall from a Mixtape I posted 3 years ago, that my wife’s birthday is January 14. The Mixtape exchange mentioned above actually happened a couple weeks after Angela’s birthday. So after we completed the first birthday exchange, I proposed that we surprise Ang with another exchange of compilations made for her. Today’s episode of Uncle Eddy’s Mixtapes is the mix I made for her at that time.

According to the FB group’s Mixtape exchange rules, the experience of listening needs to include the surprise element of not knowing what tracks are coming up. So… in that spirit… I will not list tracks or give detailed commentary on the specific selections. I can say that I was glad/proud to include a number of Ang’s favorite singers in this compilation. The Mixtape starts with a song she introduced me to. It also includes two songs with the same title, because that title reflects one of the most important elements of our marriage (and our preferred “pet name” for each other). I also picked a song that had been a part of our relationship form early on and was even included in our wedding. And the comp ends… well… maybe it’s a bit cliche and/or presumptuous about where listening to this mix might lead…

Anyway… Angela, I truly miss the days when I made the time to make Mixtape CDs for you. It was a fun way to share my favorite music with you and introduce you to my favorite artists while helping to establish memories and mementos of our relationship. I’m sorry this isn’t a newly made compilation…but every track of this mix reminds me of you, how much I love you, and how privileged and blessed I am to spend my life with you.

This year, we will have been married for 20 years. It feels like these 20 years have flown by… like I just met you yesterday. Yet it also feels like I’ve known you my whole life… like I can’t remember what life was like without/before you.

Happy Birthday, Friend.

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