New (?) Music Monday: Just a Few Recommendations from The Farsighted

The music today isn’t all new, per se, but it may be new to you… so check it out!


Who is Seasaw? I can’t say I really knew anything about them until now, but a strong cover or a modern rock classic is the first step towards uncovering these talented ladies… for me at least. Check out the below video, then head over to the folk-pop duo’s website to hear more of their awesomeness.

Koo Koo Kangaroo

The Koo has appeared on the site before, notably as guests on The Farsighted Podcast. Cash and I were supposed to review the album they released this Summer (which is STILL in heavy rotation here) but never got around to it… so, here is a super brief interview he did with MC Lars about his favorite song on the album:

What’s it like like to record with Koo Koo Kangaroo?

It’s so great to record with Koo, they have great ideas and are easy to work with. I emailed them my vocal parts from NY and they gave me notes.

Do you like making songs for kids?

I love making songs for kids because I get to be crazy and have fun! If I could I would only do kids songs.

Do you have any new songs coming out?

So many new songs! Two a month on Patreon and more music with the Koo!

Karabas Barabas

Speaking of Cash’s favorite music, he’s a big fan of the kindie rockers Rolie Polie Guacamole. I kinda dig them too. However, what I really like from these guys is their decidedly child unfriendly side project, Karabas Barabas. Release a few months back, it took me far too long to check them out. Their fantastic lead track set the tone for their undeniably adult themed romp… as if the title and artwork didn’t already do that. Fun, raucous, tongue-in-cheek sex rock… it’s like they said just before Jesus’s earthly death, “Give us Barabas!”

There will be some more new tunes later this week, so come back… for now, here’s a good place to start!

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