CFF 2017 Presents ON THE SLY: Will They Find the Family Stone?

I’ve wanted to see this documentary since I first heard about it. After well over a decade, the project is done and the finished product is playing the festival circuit… and the result is fucking fantastic. A good music documentary makes me really happy… and, as I write this, I’m really happy. Get the point? I sure hope so.

Sly Stone is one of rock music’s most enigmatic figures and Michael Rubenstone, superfan/actor/documentarian, goes on a dozen year search for Sly. What he encounters on the way is a ton of interesting characters and stories, but Sly keeps ducking him and disappearing. Rubenstone is one persistent bastard, though.

Ok, so this is more of a teaser than a review, but if you want to know if and how he finds Sly finally and what comes of it… you really need to watch this. I gave this 4 stars on my Letterboxd but it’s one that really just speaks for itself.

On the Sly: In Search of the Family Stone just played Chattanooga Film Fest on Friday and Saturday.

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