The Kid in Black Recommends: Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights New Album, BROOKLYN BABY!

Welcome back to The Kid in Black Recommends! Today, I am recommending Brooklyn Baby! by Joanie Leeds & The Nightlights. It has 13 songs and I like most of them a lot. My favorite is “Pizza”… it’s funny and I like the beat.

I was wondering why the album is called Brooklyn Baby. I know that there is also a song called “Brooklyn Baby” but I still didn’t know why it was called that. Dad said the band looks like a bunch of Brooklyn hipsters, so maybe they are from Brooklyn. I don’t know. The also like the song “Hipster in the Making”, so maybe Dad is right and they are hipsters. I don’t know what a hipster is, though.

They are an awesome band and I like most of the beats on the album a lot. If you like fun music that isn’t very loud or punky, you will probably like this. Dad said he thinks a lot of the songs are about New York City. I like Philadelphia better than New York. Boo Giants! Fly Eagles Fly!

I hope you check out the album and I hope you like it. Tune in next time, for one of my favorites, the first band I ever went to see live! Here’s a hint: they wear awesome costumes!

Until next time, the Kid in Black says “Get rhythm when you get the blues!”

Cash Hendrix Harlan
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Cash is Justin's eldest son. He's smart (like way too smart for his own good, in fact) and extremely talented. As a mere 8 year old, he likes to fill notebooks with math equations, with the occasional sketch and short story thrown in. He loves music, with some his favorites being Play Date, Koo Koo Kangaroo, The Aquabats, and (of course) his namesake, Johnny Cash. He's mildly obsessed with LEGOs and loves Batman. He really loves his mom, his brother, his dad, and his doggies. You can typically catch him rocking out with his brother, playing his kindle, or sorting through his Pokemon decks.
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