NMM Sound Byte: Jamie Stem Predicts “THE PHILLY SPECIAL” Before the Big Game

In today’s New Music Monday Sound Byte, local Philly musician’s pre-Super Bowl parody of “Hallelujah” (made famous originally by the fantastic Leonard Cohen, though my preferred version and the version that Stem’s most resembles musically is by the late great Jeff Buckley) actually predicated “a special play” and is a dope song to boot. Perhaps not truly “new”, this song is like new to many folks here. So, check it out Birds fans… and you other folks may dig it too!


Well I heard there was a secret play that Pederson called and it beat the Pats
But you don’t really care for football do you
It goes like this, as Foles steps in for Carson Wentz and gets the win
The Eagles head to the Super Bowl, Halleljuah

Your faith was strong but you needed proof
Cause Belichek and Brady were so aloof
And you don’t think the Eagles can beat them do ya
But the dynasty must come to an end, and into retirement we will send
The evil Patriot empire, Hallelujah

The Eagles have been here before, all the way back in 2004
When the Patriots had to film our practices just to barely beat us
And 13 years later we have a chance, we punched our ticket for the dance
And now were off for super bowl fifty two ya

Alshon Jefferey, Carson Wentz, Fletcher Cox, and Jordan Hicks
Jalen Mills, Ron Darby, and Jay Ajayi
LeGarette Blount and Brandon Graham, Chris Long, Zach Ertz, Nigel Bradham
Malcolm Jenkins, Nick Foles, Halapoulivaati Vaitai

Maybe there’s a football god above, but if he wears a Patriots buff
The Eagles fan will be the first to boo ya
But Id like to think that its our time, to show the world just how sublime
It feels to win our first one, Halleljuah

Phi lad elp hia

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