NMM SoundBytes: “The Hidden Root”

With smooth vocals and a upbeat electronic base, iuliano’s first single from his new album Hidden Roots will be a great listen for fans of artists as diverse as Jamiroqui, Feist, Damien Rice, and Moby. Electronica and indie rock meet with his indie pop sound. This lead track is “The Hidden Root” and it’s a great representation of what you are getting with the album – which you can snag over at Bandcamp, as well.

iuliano is currently based in Bangkok, but began his life in Italy. His musical inclinations took the form of production work throughout most of his life, but now he felt the desire and need to get his own stuff out there.

I started this project as a testament. If something happened to me tomorrow, I would want to have something to represent me. All of the music that I have done up until this point has been just a compromise.

No compromises this time, this is the music iuliano wants us to remember him by. It’s his sound, fresh and diversely inspired, but all his own.

It’s the sound that I’ve heard my whole life, together in one place.

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