New Music Monday: Vale Returns with BURDEN OF SIGHT

Today, I will be reviewing Vale’s newest death infused black metal release Burden of Sight.

Hailing from Oakland, Caifornia, the band is a metal supergroup comprieed of current and former members of Abstacter, Atrament, Ulthar, Voidomnia, Lycus, Mortal Void, Mutilation Rights, and Tombs. One thing that also sets apart this metal behemoth is their frontman… or should we say, frontwoman.

The album tells a story of a place where the land is barren and the top 1% hog all the resources. The result of this action is shown through six brutally heavy tracks.

Stand out tracks:

Don’t let the fact that this is a female fronted band turn you away! Singer Kate Coysh can scream and growl with the best of them. In other words, if you like really heavy black metal, this is the album for you.

Kenny Fasolo
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