Exclusive Leak: AMERICAN GUINEA PIG Headlines a Few Titles Premiering Friday on THE MIDNIGHT MOVIE SOCIETY

Over at Cinapse, the great movie site that I regularly contribute to, I expressed my excitement about the upcoming MVD Entertainment and Rue Morgue team up, The Midnight Movie Society. Creating a place for gorehounds and underground horror fans to finally see the bizarre cult content that the big boys are afraid to show, this Friday will be the official launch.

Here at The Farsighted, we got an exclusive leak on some of the awesome 200+ titles that the site is launching with. A few of these are exclusive and have been hard – or even impossible – to find streaming legally until now.

WARNING: A few of the images below sample a bit of the sleaze and gore that this wonderful service will be highlighting.

The Complete American Guinea Pig Series

All 4 of the coveted gorehound modern classics will be streaming on The Midnight Movie Society. Up until now, all of the streaming services have been outright scared to show the snuff like gore and viscera of Biro and company’s insane practical effects and gasp inducing horror. Outside of the Unearthed Films Vimeo page, the AGP films have been absent from the world of streaming. Starting Friday, you’ll be able to watch Biro’s original Bouquet of Guts and Gore, Marcus Koch’s Bloodshock, the insane exorcism tale Song of Solomon, and Poison Rouge’s torturous directorial debut Sacrifice.

Watch the extreme blood and gore of friends of the Grindhouse Messiah podcast, Stephen Biro and Marcus Koch, and see if you can keep your lunch down while watching the incredible effects and demented visuals.

Sodomaniac (2015)

Currently only streaming in limited VOD, this 2015 horror comedy is extremely gross and has earned quite a reputation. Sleazy, dark, and fucked up, here’s what IMDB has to say:

A group of degenerate serial date rapists have the tables turned on them when a masked killer begins to hunt them down one by one, and killing them in the most painful, degrading way possible.

Emanuelle and the Last of the Cannibals (1977)

This classic Joe D’Amato cannibal horror sleaze is currently unavailable to stream… which is both a travesty and a tragedy. Once again, The Midnight Movie Society is here to right humanity’s wrongs.

A hedonistic photojournalist and an anthropologist traverse the Amazon Jungle to unearth the origins behind a mysterious woman, reputed to have been raised by a cannibal tribe.

Other titles confirmed:

  • Classic mondo film, Africa Addio aka Africa Blood and Guts
  • Jimmy ScreamerClauz extreme animated horror, When Black Birds Fly (2015)
  • Unearthed released 2015 gorefest, Atroz
  • Creepy and fucked up horror, Cat Sick Blues (2015)

With curator Adrianna Gober (one of our favorite people in the world) and a ton of amazing other people involved, this is just a small taste of what we get Friday. And there will be so much more to come.

We’ll back back Friday to chat about some more of our favorite titles once the service is live. Until then, I hope this gets you guys as excited as we are!

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