INSTANT KARMA Creates Instant Joy

Budget schmudget, quarantine boringtine, Mitesh Patel’s feel-good fantastical comedy Instant Karma laughs in the face of budgetary restrictions and pandemic regulations, making due with what he has to create a fun and funny fantasy full of feels (how’s that for alliteration).

Patel intended on exactly that:

Instant Karma is about relatable characters who find themselves in a fantastical situation where good luck – or instant karma – comes into play, and how they deal with it, leading to some outlandish plot developments that I think anyone watching will find entertaining and exciting. It’s meant to be a feel-good film with a story that we’ve all sort of wished we’d lived through ourselves at some point in our daydreams.

The story is simple, Jeff is a driver for a rideshare program who is down on his luck. Seemingly out of nowhere, his life starts to change magically. As things begin to appear in his car each day, Jeff tries to figure out what’s going on while he watches his life change and learns a bit about life and himself.

What makes the film work isn’t just the simple set up, but the sheer likability of the characters as created by a fun, well written script and a fantastic cast of lesser known actors all shining as a group. Lead man Stew Jetson is fantastic as Jeff and the others all shine around him to create a finished product that is nothing short of a fun feel-good film.

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