Yes, THAT Jesse Michaels!

Classics of Love

Have you ever considered what it would be like for The Clash and The Ramones to have an illegitimate child that eventually got adopted by Rancid? Yeah, well me neither, but here they are and they are amazing.

Jesse Michaels from Operation Ivy and Common Rider has actually turned the amps up as he’s gotten older, the ska and reggae influences are still there, but there is more punk rock fury than you can shake your copy of Energy at.

Quick, poppy tunes that will either help you clean your apartment or change your life… either way, the two minutes you spend listening to Classics of Love with make your punk heart warm and fuzzy.

Adam Bricker
Punk Rock and Beer Afficianado / Official Beardo
Bricks is a big bearded beauty. He's truly adorable. He and Justin decided years ago that combining the two of them would make the perfect bear, Adam's handsome grizzle and Justin's burly chubby physique. But I digress... Bricks like good music, good beer, and good people. He's a founding member of York Beard & Mustache Club and it shows in his exquisite facial hair.
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