The Kid in Black Recommends: Randy Kaplan’s Latest is For Kids, But Not *Just* For Kids

[Editor’s Note: Just a word from Cash’s dad and editor… he writes these pieces all by himself, at only 8 years old. I simply type them up, edit them, and occasionally embellish or fix a sentence. I don’t really do more than I have with many articles from adults that I edit. With this in mind, I am so proud of him and his writing skills. Enjoy!]

Welcome back to The Kid in Black Recommends. Today we are talking about Randy Kaplan’s new CD, Trippin’ Round the Mitten. It’s a kids album, but unlike some of Randy’s albums, it’s not only for kids. My dad likes it too!

I love all of Randy’s song on this cool CD. My favorite song is “Cat & Mice”. Randy sings “when the cats are away, the mice will play”. This is my favorite because it’s fun and funny.

The only song I don’t really like is the last song. I only didn’t like it because it’s too slow for me. I like fast and upbeat songs.


I love this CD a lot. I would give it five stars. I really want you all to listen to it. There are a lot of songs. I would guess the CD is about 56 minutes. I hope you listen and really love it, too.

See you next time!

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