RL Stine’s Latest GOOSEBUMPS Book is His Best One Yet

I read this book in two nights. The first night I ready chapters 1-15. I finished chapters 16-31 on the second night. I wrote this review in two parts.

Chapters 1-15:

So far, I give this book 5 stars because chapters 1-3 are really scary and awesome. Chapters 4-15 are scary too. The first Slappyworld book starts of weird, but not really that scary. This one starts off very scary right away. I love the book so much already!

Chapters 16-31:

This whole book was awesome. I loved it so much. In fact, it’s my favorite Goosebumps book ever. I’ve ready 21 of them and this is definitely my favorite.

My favorite part is when Slappy and Snappy fight each other. It’s funny because Snappy pretends to be good and it causes them to get in lots of fights.

I gave my dad the book when I finished it so he can read it too. I think that even adults will like this book a lot. I can’t wait for Slappyworld Book 4: Please Do Not Feed the Weirdo. You can see the cover below. Until next time, keep on reading Goosebumps and tell me what your favorites are!

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