PUFF 2017: Heavy Metal Fun and Brutality, DEATH METAL Be Thy Name

Death Metal plays tonight at PUFF, along with feature films Imitation Girl and Terrifier. Get tickets to the film or a full pass at FilmFreeway!

This is a short film, 5 minutes to be exact, and it goes by in a blink. However, the fast pace and short runtime don’t stop this from being one of the very best heavy metal movies I’ve ever seen. I watched it last year for another festival I was covering and then again just today. Not only did I love it, but I loved it even more than I remembered. It’s amazingly fun.

I don’t know what to say about the film other than telling everyone that it’s a must see horror comedy short. Basically, a 5 minute gore gag that harkens to the most insane moments of films like Deathgasm. If you can’t get out to PUFF to see this tonight, make a point to find it playing somewhere very soon!

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