So, let’s say, for the sake of argument, you decided to sit down and watch a horror film. But everything kind of seemed derivative. Slashers, zombies, ghostly jump scares, “torture porn”. (In deep commercial voiceover) THERE MUST BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I do believe I came upon it.

Loosely based on true event, Skin Creepers is a fun twist on the demon possession sub-genre. This German horror comedy, co-written and directed by Ezra Tsegaye is about two no-budget filmmakers trying to make a profitable porno film with the financial aid of a local pimp-gangster. Their hopes lie in the arms of their American lead actress who immediately gets possessed by a demon when she arrives at her hotel room. And – of course – crap goes bonkers from there.

Although is in German (with English subtitles), the performances translate well, and the jokes do land. The comedy horror aspects do mix nicely. The practical gore is fairly decent as well. The only issue I did have with the movie is the CGI effects akin to those that seemed cutting edge 20 years ago in those evangelical post-Rapture films made by Cloud 10 Productions that starred Nick Mancuso as The Antichrist.

It may not be a modern classic, but Skin Creepers was entertaining enough to keep me glued through its runtime, which is a feat in itself.

It’s available now via Amazon.

Dino Gangale
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