Mother’s Day Movie: Watch MOMMY Free on KAST

Update from Midnight Movie Society on Sunday, May 10th:

Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we’re going to have to postpone our watch party to a later date (and a different movie).

However, in lieu of the live stream, use code “MOTHERSDAY” for a free 3-day rental of MOMMY. Snag it here:

“What day is it?” is a common pondering during these strange times of recluse and awkward sleep schedules that blend one day into the next. But Midnight Movies Society is here to give you a pleasant reminder that this Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day! In celebration of horror fans and the mothers that raised them Midnight Movie Society will be hosting a livestream of the 90s thriller MOMMY!

Delightfully deranged, MOMMY is the story of obsession, motherhood and murder when Mommy (played by academy award nominated Patty McCormack) finds out her daughter didn’t get “Student of the Year.” After murdering the teacher who didn’t recommend her daughter, Mommy plays off the killing as a minor accident, but the homicide detective assigned to the case suspects her immediately, and an insurance investigator tries to find out what really happened.

Based on a best selling novel, Mommy is sure to bring thrills and chills to your mother’s day. To take part, all you’ll need to do is create a Kraft account and sign up for Midnight Movies Society email list. On Saturday, an email blast will go out with a link for the showing and all that’s left to you is to be good little sons and daughters for mommy on Sunday May 10… at least until 7pm EST when Midnight Movies Society will begin their live stream! Follow them on social media and subscribe to their emails for information on this showing and other works Midnight Movies Society has been proud to present.

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