NMM SoundBytes: Jamie Carol Drinks His Sorrows, But It’s Not What You Think

Jamie Carol’s latest country flavored single kicks off with a familiar Dear John set up. His lady leaves him and, as is customary in a good bit of country music, he sits down to drown his sorrows in gallons of his favorite beverage. But, there’s a twist.

For Carol, there’s no getting drunk, instead opting for a more natural high – sugar. With a long line of ice cold lemonades, Carol drowns his sorrows in his sweet and sour drink of choice. No “Jackass” Zinfandel or whiskey for him.

While the song is short, simple, and to the point, it’s a unique and enjoyable spin on an old country trope that s sure to put a smile on your face, no matter if you enjoy a stiff drink or find yourself leaning towards Carol’s side of the fence. Tea-Totalers and drunkards alike should check this one out and then go pour themselves a nice tall glass of the delectable lemony beverage.

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