Peter Karroll Sings a Powerful Tune About “Coming Home”

Powerful new music video from producer and artist Peter Karroll is inspired by the war stories of his father. In the tradition of musical storytellers like Bruce Springsteen, Willie Nelson, indie darling Denison Witmer, or the great Johnny Cash, the song paints a picture with music and lyrics to tell the listener of what it’s like to be coming home after many long, hard fought battles.

The award winning jack-of-all-musical-trades may be best known for some of his production work by some and by his own music for others, but it’s hard to deny Karroll’s talents in a variety of avenues. Whether you know him for his behind the scenes work, his performances, or even if you are new to Karroll altogether, this heart felt song is a stellar introduction point not only to his work but his new album of the same name. With smooth alternative rock sound that would be right at home between a U2 track and a Coldplay song on modern pop-rock radio, “Coming Home” has an emotional core that will appeal to anyone with a heart.

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