Classical Meets Prog Rock When Pittsburgh’s Beo String Quartet Revisits Their Ghosts

Blending of genres is always something I appreciate, especially when those genre mashups are unexpected. In the case of Pitsburgh’s Beo String Quartet, there are a variety of sounds that come together and it creates a truly unique and interesting sound. These Yinzers are essentially a prog rock band with classical training… or perhaps a classical quartet with prog rock leanings… but that’s not an adequate description, because there are a variety of other influences and sounds that come into play.

Their latest release, the 11-song LP Ghosts Revisited, has a unique flavor throughout, but for me it’s the addition of the hip hop drum beat in “Walking” that hits all of the sweet spots, bringing in a unexpected genre influence that bring to mind the great hip hop/classical blend of Black Violin. While I love the way they find ways to use distortion and various rock elements throughout other tracks, “Walking” stands out with its groove and flow.

What’s most certain is that Beo String Quartet is not something you can put into a box. While their musicianship is on full display from start to finish, it’s their unique set of influences and styles that truly set them apart.

Check out “Walking” and be sure to head over to the band’s Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and website for more.

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