Sailing Away from the “Misty Shore” to the ARKTIK LAKE

A four song odyssey, Arktik Lake’s latest EP, Shimmer, is an perfect journey that blends a gentle pop rock sound with ethereal soundscapes and comforting musical backdrops to create a genuinely pleasant sound that’ll help you float away from your everyday troubles and into a world of soothing melodies. With beautiful vocals ranging from soft to soaring, by vocalists Marty and Olivia Willson-Piper, songs that feel equally inspired by the big cinematic sound of bands like Coldplay and the straight ahead pop oriented indie rock sound of bands like The Dandy Warhols, the band achieves their own sound that even includes an instrumental track that doesn’t miss a beat.

The way everything works so well in unison from start to finish is especially impressive when you learn that the band hails from all over the globe. With Marty and Olivia in the UK during the recordings and the remaining band members in Australia, it’s a testament to their joint vision and overall musicianship that they have created such a cohesive sound… but that’s exactly what this EP represents, a truly cohesive sound.

This guitar based pop rock band is anything if not unique and talented. Interestingly, while the dual vocals work for me completely in the three tracks in which they are in the forefront, it’s the instrumental “Hombre” that has been getting the most play on this reviewer’s rotation. This only goes to demonstrate just how solid their ability to play as one unit, despite being apart, truly is.

Listen to their full album below and check out their music video above.

Their Bandcamp page also offers a vinyl edition of the EP, for the collector’s among us… so definitely jump on that and follow the band over on Instagram and Facebook, as well.

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