This Sunday, Let There Be Metal with Mental Fracture’s “Inception”

Progressive metal with an old school feel, a ton of groove, and the coolest damn keyboards this side of Yes, Mental Fracture’ss latest single could draw comparison to everything from Rush to Dream Theater to The Beatles to System of a Down to The Doors… and I’m totally here for their unique blend of genres, instruments, and styles. Clean melodies with a bit of a metallic feel, the single opts to go lighter and less distorted than much of what you may consider metal these days, but it never forgoes the roots of progressive rock and progressive metal, bringing fury and musicianship from the first note through the last.

Here at The Farsighted, we like all types of music, but we certainly have a particularly affinity for music that’s loud and hard. But, since it’s Sunday and it’s supposed to be a day or rest and all, why not whet you metallic whistles today with a bit less distortion and a bit more melody and a well dressed quartet.

Check out “Inception” below and grab the full album, Disaccord, on Bandcamp today.

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