Pop Open the “Blue Bottle” and Swallow Down Some Night Hymns

There is seriously nothing better than well written, catchy, and fun garage rock. Readers know I love all types of rock music, lots of hip hop, and more than my share of music from various other genres and styles. My mood often dictates what type of music I’m in the mood for… yet, a good throwback garage rock jam can always find its way into my heavy rotation and is almost never a skip on any playlist. “Blue Bottle” from Vancouver’s wonderfully named and even more wonderfully talented Night Hymns is exactly this: an extremely catchy, perfectly composed, and impeccably performed garage tune that is sure to get stuck your head for hours after one one play.

If you, like me, are new to Night Hymns, the one man band is singer-songwriter Wei and this new track feels like a modern take on the pre-psychedelic era of The Beatles, where all the songs were toe-tappin’ ditties that had the teenage girls screaming. With lyrics that flirt with the aforementioned fun-loving early tunes of the Fab Four but mix in some edgier and more modern references, the music is just straight ahead jangly pop rock in all the best ways. Somehow finding a middle ground between the lo-fi garage rock aesthetic and something more polished, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear this track on a playlist wedged between the fictitious Oneders hit “That Thing You Do” and a Superdrag B-side. Infectious is probably the most accurate word to describe the sound of “Blue Bottle”.

Wei adds:

The music is so straightforward it’s hard to miss the point. I write about my wanderlust, about the places I’ve been to, and about the little things that tickled me. My influences come from both sides of the Atlantic, but mostly I just write the tunes off my head. It’s only rock’n’roll, but you haven’t heard this one before.

Not sold yet, then watch and listen below to find out for yourself!

You can follow Night Hymns on Twitter, YouTube, and Spotify.

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