“Confusion”: Night Wilds Set the Stage for Forthcoming Rock Opera

Few things excite this musical theater geek/music nerd/film aficionado more than a stellar concept album or rock opera… and with the upcoming All That Should Have Been from Seattle’s Night Wilds, the brainchild of singer/songwriter Seth Micarelli that follows a young boy forced to perform in a circus.

The eerie circus vibe is the perfect setting for the coming-of-age tale of young man deconstructing and rebuilding faith in God, life, love, and mankind. With the clear underpinnings of growing up and eventually breaking away from a fundamentalist religion, the themes here are deep and rich with true meaning that connects to what many in recent generations have experienced here in America and beyond.

Musically, the album ranges from punk rock to progressive metal to acoustic ballads. Micarelli clearly has some real musical chops and this project should really turn heads comes it’s release next Spring/early Summer. Until then, Night Wilds plans to continue leaking tracks and teasing the brilliance that is to follow.

“Confusion” – as seen in the above music video – is among the first few singles that have dropped so far. The videos of this song and the others released so far play on the individual themes of the tracks, as well as the themes of the rock opera as a whole. Musically, “Confusion” truly shows the Seattle roots of Micarelli, with a strong taste of the Seattle sound in its inspiration. Visually, the video is captivating, with military imagery and a variety of other themes and ideas on the screen. Despite the song’s name, “Confusion” displays a cohesive design and purpose.

Follow the journey at nightwilds.com and on Spotify.

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