International Duo superWAV Rocks in aTYPICAL Fashion

Raw, gritty, bluesy, powerful… all words that immediately come to mind from the first chunky riff of “The Lover”, lead off track from superWAV’s latest aTYPICAL. With a distinctly PJ Harvey/Poe feel and blues-inspired guitar riffs that you’d expect to hear Jack White laying down, aTYPICAL is the aptly named new alternative rock EP from German-born brother-sister duo superWAV. Currently based a world apart in Austria and Brooklyn, the sibling bond can’t be broken by a mere 4200 miles, as Volker and Anne Wichmann have a chemistry that is undeniable.

If Anne’s voice sounds familiar to any of our Farsighted faithful, it’s likely because Anne’s electronic solo project She’s Excited! popped up here back in 2021 and likely left an impression. With a decidedly different flavor in this new duo, Anne has returned to rock our faces off with a sound far few modern rockers employ as effectively. Modern rock and alternative are met by the likes of Bowie, The Kills, The Black Keys, and The Breeders to create a sound that fans of strong female fronted rock music simply won’t be able to deny.

With 5 tracks of raw emotion and energy, each song has its own distinct flavor while still blending into the overall recipe that is aTYPICAL. Whereas “The Lover” kicks off the album with in-your-face rock riffage, a track like “The Innocent” turns the tempo down a bit and could fairly earn comparisons to Stevie Nix/Fleetwood Mac, the trippier and heavier Jefferson Airplane eras, or the rock ballad tracks of Siouxsie Sioux. There’s darkness and contemplation throughout the record, in fact. The witchy vibes are only outshined by the blues rock prowess.

For this aging rocker, it’s the harder edged guitar work that really makes this record something special. The aforementioned “The Lover” has a lead riff that wouldn’t feel out of place on a Sabbath record and “The Everyman” really dips its toes in the pools of metal without fully jumping in. It’s a perfect balance for the distinct sound the duo is creating here.

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