Faron Sage’s “No Alternative” Actually Presents a Viable Alternative

Eccentric troubadour and – dare I say – visionary Faron Sage uses his voice to challenge the status quo with his ironically named “No Alternative”. The new single calls out the failing systems we currently live within, telling the powers that be that their belief in their being “no alternative” is dead wrong. In fact, not only does Sage challenge the notion of there being no other way, he actually presents other ways and other possibilities that are viable and realistic. In other words, Sage lives up to his surname and is a true sage, with wise words presented for all the world to hear.

But the message isn’t the only thing here. In fact, the fun musical backdrop, the quirky vocal delivery, and wonderfully animated accompanying music video make “No Alternative” a can’t miss alternative track with or without its potent social message. Even if absent the social conscience and powerful ideas, the track is a genuine blast that fans of alternative music through the years may find a bit David Byrne-esque, while playing with chiptune influences, and other modern musical inspirations from rock to hip hop and beyond. Fans of everything from the B-52s to MC Paul Barman to EDM to Baz Luhrmann are sure to find a unique single with worthwhile ideas and catchy earworms throughout.

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