Ain’t Nothin’ Wong with the Cinedelphia Film Fest

In this episode, Justin talks about all things right and Wong with Leon Corcos before chatting with Eric from the PhilaMOCA about the Cinedelphia Film Festival.

Like the dumbass he is, Justin calls Eric “Chris” a couple of times, for some unknown reason. And even though he thinks he edited these dumbass mistakes out mostly, he wants to say sorry for being a dumbass.


As noted in the episode, a few new episodes are in the mix. Haydn Shaw will be on next week. And a second episode will drop this week, featuring a really awesome conversation with a cool South African musician, so check back towards the end of the week.

A few more notes… music by Play Date, Motörhead, THE David Lo Pan, and, of course, Rocky Garibay. Also, in the end of the convo with Leon I mention talking to an Ozploitation director on this podcast, but that hasn’t happened yet. So that’s ANOTHER “stay tuned”.

I hope y’all enjoy the episode and check out the video and links below if you want to see some of Leon Corcos’s films:

The Devil Takes a Holiday

La Scala Di Vito

Nail in the Coffin

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