Episode 28: Have a Fantastic Halloween

On this episode, we speak to three guests, all about genre film, with some focus on horror. Check out our guests and enjoy the episode.

Christopher Brown is a writer, podcaster, and professional beer drinker, as far as I can tell. I got into him through his Video Nasties Podcast. He’s doing a new podcast called History of Horror, as well. Both are very informative. Expect to hear Christopher back by year’s end.

Leopold Medley is a 15 year old filmmaker from Texas. He’s a horror geek and has already made two features, The Ballad of Jeffrey and Class One Apparition. Both are a good time and evidence that this kid has a ton of potential.

Ed Travis is a college friend of mine who runs Cinapse, a great film site you’ve heard mentioned here before. He lives in Austin and is a Fantastic Fest enthusiast. He covers what makes the fest great, what films stood out this year, and just a bit about what is great about film. Check out the latest TWO CENTS column on the site and join in for next week!


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