The Eric Roberts Nightmare

On this, the inaugural episode of Drive All Night: The Podcast Podcast, Justin discusses what the podcast is about and explains the origins of the title. The topics of conversation for the meat of the cast are two podcasts that Justin really digs, both helmed by the Boner Vivant himself, Mr. Doug Tilley.

On Eric Roberts is the F$%&ing Man, Doug is joined by co-host Todd “Dammit Justin, Don’t Call Me Rigby” Rigney. The two are typically joined by a guest and together they discusses two of the countless entries to Eric Roberts filmography.

And before he discusses ERITFM, Justin discusses No Budget Nightmares, the podcast that Doug cohosts with Moe Porne. The two actually joined Justin on the Wes Craven episode of The Farsighted and on this podcast you get another little taste of what these guys are all about.

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