The MESSIAH Goes Head to Head With Lloyd MF’n Kaufman

It’s finally here, our 4th episode… the one where… we… TALK TO FUCKING LLOYD KAUFMAN Y’ALL!

We used Skype and it sounds pretty good with the exception of Justin being on the road and thus, having a shit connection at times. Blaine really leads the charge on the interview and chat with Mr. Troma himself. Justin listens and interjects occasionally… when he isn’t forgetting what the fuck he was gonna say.

No official sponsor of this episode, but thanks always goes out to Cinapse, Vinegar Syndrome, and the listeners for being awesome. Also, we fully endorse supporting the Troma Team through giving them all your money!

Without further ado… enjoy!

PS. If your name is Josh Cripps, stop whining like a little bitch about needing new episodes. We’re glad you love us, but we’re doing our best… fucker! And in all honesty, we love you too!

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