The GRINDHOUSE MESSIAH Fantasia 2017 Recap Bonus-sode

Just a recap on this year’s killer Fantasia International Film Festival lineup. It was a great year and we only sampled a fraction of what it had to offer… we can’t imagine just how awesome the entire festival really was.

Just a note on the sound. It’s not great and we’re not really sure why that is. It’s not awful at all, but all apologies for any inconvenience, nonetheless! When you pop in for our next episode, which prominently features Unearthed’s Stephen Biro, that will be remedied. Yeah, you read that right, 2 episodes in one week! And the next two weeks are already booked, too! Busy, busy…

Special thanks to our sponsors and friends Vinegar Syndrome and Cinapse. Shoutout to Dan and Wavical Web Design, too, for being a great host for this site and this podcast!

So, enjoy our chat and check out what Fantasia Festival is all about. It’s truly a can’t miss genre staple.

You can click here for the site’s in depth coverage of the festival, too, so do that!

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