We’ll Be Back

A few minute update from Cash and Justin about the shows on The Farsighted Network. It’s short, so give it a quick listen… but the gist is that we’re taking the Summer off. We’ll likely post some minisodes and music mixes, but the official podcasts will be back at the beginning of next school year.

Drive All Night will return with a great interview with Tony Rettman of Green Room Radio (and like 300 other awesome projects).

The Farsighted will return with Haydn Shaw, author of a couple of great books about American generations.

FarOut KidsCast will finally officially debut with a multi-faceted episode featuring Luke Eccles of Awaking Mercury, Liz DeRoche of The Singing Lizard, and Cash’s Summer recap.

Unfortunately, Reddit Horror Club 2: Dead by Dawn is on an indefinite hiatus. But we’d love you to come talk horror movies with the club at /r/HorrorClub.

In the meantime, go support Cinepunx, the podcasts of Doug Tilley, I Like 2 Movie Movie, Priest Pulse, or tell us what podcast we should be checking out!

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